Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bloggers Beware: Your Relatives and Friends Are Reading Your Blog

For most bloggers, our readership consists of our family and friends. And some of them don’t like what they read.

My niece read my post on Obama and the 4th of July and called my sister to say, “I didn’t know you hated the 4th of July. You really didn’t enjoy taking us to those picnics and fireworks displays? ”

Then a friend greeted her with: “Oh, so you don’t like the 4th of July. You’re lucky Bush isn’t president; you could wind up on a terrorist watch list for that.”

Another of my sister’s friends said, “We better get a sworn statement from your sister that nothing said at Thanksgiving dinner shows up on her blog.” (My husband and I spend Thanksgiving dinner with my sister and her friends.)

My husband and son have warned me that I better not write anything about them on my blog.

This does pose a problem. In retirement, friends and family members become a larger part of one’s life. It’s hard to avoid mentioning them. But then I don’t want to alienate the only readers I may ever have.

Any other bloggers out there who have dealt with this problem???

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