Monday, February 8, 2010

More Thougths on New Year's Resolutions

From my friend Fran Waksler:

I was motivated by Karen’s New Year’s resolutions to consider my own, but I never did get around to an “official” list. I think that the idea of “to-do-list” resolutions is excellent and I at least have a mental idea of what such a list should be.

Two hours a day of writing would be a useful goal for me, though other stuff keeps getting in the way. I also like the idea of 20 minutes a day of dealing with junk—it’s been on my mind, but I’ve made only a little progress so far. It can be useful with to-do lists to give some wiggle-room. I have found that the most effective to-do lists include things that you want to do so Karen might add “two hour breakfasts” to her list. I also think it best to follow the list 5 days a week, not 7; that way one can miss a day or two and still keep to the list.

Taking stock with record-keeping, as Karen does, is a great idea. It can help to be more focused and also feel less like one is not getting anything done. So what did I do in January? I continued to send out materials to publishers and may have an actual nibble from one!

My first goal in retirement was to find publishers for a bunch of materials and while I haven’t been successful in the search, I’ve worked out a method of keeping things circulating. It turns out to be remarkably time-consuming. I’ve been doing lots of reading (but just in English), so that will take care of itself.

I alternate between the academic/quasi-academic and the lighter stuff, e.g., English mysteries that are charmingly described as “cosies.” (As an aside, I share a birthday with Wilkie Colllins—the day, not the year!--so try every year to being reading one of his novels on “our” birthday. This year it was Fallen Leaves.)

I have cleaned out one bureau drawer full of junk—made some interesting discoveries! Put some books out in front of the house for people to take—some have been taken, but I keep having to bring them in because of the weather and then get lazy about putting them back out. And I’ve started a bag of clothes to bring to Goodwill.

I do go to the gym pretty faithfully 3 times a week (in part to stay in shape for gardening) and, when weather allows, walk my dog a mile a day, but weather has not been allowing much lately. I’ve been doing lots of dog training and will be entering obedience trials with Greta. And I’ve done lots of knitting (see photo of Norman’s dog Duchess with the sweater I made for her). Spelling it out this way is helpful—it looks like a lot more than it feel like.

I think retirement takes some getting used to. Hardest for me is that I still never seem to have enough time. The other day I thought of something I’d love to do—can’t remember what—and heard myself saying, “Maybe I’ll have time when I retire.” Oops.



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  1. I am struuuuggggling with retirement, too. I never realized how addicted I was to work!