Thursday, February 23, 2012

Someone ripped our Obama bumper stickers off our car

Someone ripped our Obama bumper stickers off our car

Last week when Rick and I were at King of Prussia Mall, we returned to the parking lot and found that our Obama bumper stickers had been ripped off our car. One sticker was a really nice round rubber bumper sticker from 2008 that I had to make (what was for me) a large contribution to get. The other was a paper bumper sticker which the Obama campaign was apparently sending out to all the 2008 donors. Fortunately, I received two of them and was able to replace one bumper sticker.

That round sticker will be impossible to replace; we’ve been driving around with it for almost 4 years, including some deep red state areas—-southern Ohio and Indiana--with no problem.

My response was to make another online donation to Obama campaign and to buy several more bumper stickers. Has anyone else out there had his experience?

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