Sunday, March 18, 2012

Summer in March

Well maybe not exactly summer, but certainly late Spring. We had high 70’s temperatures in Philly last week. I loved every minute of it and was out there cleaning beds, dividing daffodils and fertilizing. Yes, you can divide bulbs when the foliage is still green as long as there is enough moisture in the soil.

This March has been magical—I've actually been spending balmy days working in the garden in March!!

However,it is worrisome—what in the world is happening to our planet? But I admit to really enjoying the early spring.

There is nothing I enjoy more than working in the garden (except having dinner with Rick over a good bottle of wine). When I am cleaning beds, pulling weeds, fertilizing bulbs, I am totally absorbed in the task. It’s the mind cleansing experience my Buddhist friends describe when they meditate. When I am in the garden I am totally in the "Now." And how wonderful to have this extra month of unfrozen soil and warm weather. (Yes, I know there may be a serious price for this.)

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