Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Finally the debris has been removed from my garden.

My English Laurel crushed by tree limbs

Finally the debris has been removed from my garden. This winter’s storm left fallen tree limbs all over my garden. I had to wait until most of the snow was gone before I could get the debris cleared out. The good news is that most of my shrubs survived—in misshapen form perhaps but still more or less alive.

My English Laurel springing back to life.

Here's another set of before and after pictures:
fallen tree limb dangling from tree

fallen tree limb cleared and yew pruned

I can’t wait to get out there and finish the cleanup, plant a few pansies and maybe a shrub or two in the bare spots.

It is snowing again (!!!)as I write this, but I don’t think we will have storm conditions—with more flying tree limbs. Just don’t think I could deal with that.


  1. I am recently retired & eager to learn gardening now that I have the time, your blog is very enlightening !

    1. Gardening is a wonderful retirement pursuit. I can't wait to get out there!

  2. Yesterday's no-storm storm had been forecast as a bomb--yes, that was the word tossed around. I think the dramatic predictions, whether or not they turn out to be accurate, are nearly as unsettling as the snowfalls themselves. I'm ready to retire wincing at weather reports till at least next December.

    1. I've started ( more or less) ignoring the predictions. I guess that's one of the advantages of retirement. If the weather’s bad, I can just hibernate.