Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gardening for Fragrance: Nothing Tops Casa Blanca!

Casa Blanca

For me, the high point of the garden season is mid to late July when the oriental lilies bloom. The most spectacular of all is Casa Blanca with its intoxicating fragrance.

Sometimes I think I garden for fragrance. This is something you cannot buy at the florist shops which sell mostly fragrance-free flowers. Granted the oriental lilies sold by florists are often fragrant but they can’t begin to compare to the over-powering scent of Casa Blanca in the garden

Sadly, the evil groundhog which has destroyed my phlox has also chomped away at some of my oriental lilies, but fortunately he left some for me. If he destroyed all my Casa Blanca lilies I’d be out there with a shotgun!

Anybody have any ideas for getting rid of groundhogs??

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