Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Glorious Fall of 2014

This has been a glorious Fall. And although it’s kind of wild and unkempt, my Fall garden has never been more beautiful. For some reason, the reds seem more intense than usual and the golds more luminous.

Usually by mid-November most of the leaves have fallen, but this year they’re hanging on. It can’t last much longer, but I want to savor every remaining minute.

Because we were away for almost 3 weeks in October, I’ve had less of a Delaware Valley Fall than usual—-less time for leaf watching, less time for bulb planting and Fall clean-up. The Fall is a great time to travel, but it’s also a great time to work in the garden.

Every year I vow not to order so many bulbs, but every year I succumb to temptation and order far more than I can easily get in the ground before a hard frost. Once again I’m in a race against time and thanks to our vacation am even further behind than usual.

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