Saturday, May 16, 2015

Jim Kenney for Mayor: We can't take this for granted!

When Jim Kenney jumped into the race, I got on board right away. I admired his willingness to take on tough issues—e.g. LGBT rights, decriminalization of marijuana-- before it was politically safe to do so.

Now four months later, after seeing the campaign he’s run, I’m more convinced than ever that he will be a great mayor.

At forum after forum, he’s demonstrated deep knowledge of city government and has put forth a platform that is carefully thought out, progressive and achievable.

A candidate’s campaign—particularly a campaign for executive office--gives us some inkling of the kind of administration he/she will run. And Jim Kenney has run a stellar campaign.

He has brought together the multi-racial, cross-class coalition that he will need both to win and to govern. I have never in my thirty plus years of involvement in Philadelphia grassroots politics seen the liberal/progressive community so united around a candidate. I no longer have to try to convince folks that Kenney is the best person for the job. Just about everyone I know has already come to that conclusion.

The only convincing left to do is make sure Kenney’s many supporters go to the polls. Yes, he’s ahead in the polls but we all know that the only poll that counts is the one on Election Day.

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