Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I'm having a really hard time accepting the reality of Trump's victory

My husband and I postponed an October vacation until after the election because I didn’t think I could focus on the trip with the election unresolved. So we planned to leave on Nov. 9 and thought that we would be celebrating a Clinton victory.

The trip to Italy (more on that later) really helped us get through the first few days of total shock and horror. We had the beauty of Rome and Naples to distract us. It was relatively easy to forget the Trump victory during the past 2 weeks—especially in Naples where it was almost impossible to find English language newspapers.

Now we are back and there are no more wonderful distractions. This reminds me of of 1980. I never believed a Reagan victory was possible and certainly did not expect the Republicans to regain the Senate with racists like Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, and John Tower heading powerful committees.

The difference was that in 1980 I was 36 years old and had the energy to fight back. Now my energy is waning. I had decided I was going to step back a bit from political activity. After all those years of activism, I thought I had earned a rest. But now I think progressives need all hands on deck—-even aging, wrinkled hands.

I expect it’s going to be a grim Thanksgiving at my sisters’ house tomorrow. At least there won't be any Trump voters around the Thanksgiving table.

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  1. Watching the elevation of Bannon and Sessions and the institutional imprimatur being given by Trump to their sneering dismissal of much of our population, I've been grappling with this same question, Karen, and I have far fewer activist credentials than you. (And those I might cite are ancient at this point.) This is clearly going to be a time of struggle and I'm not sure where to get the energy for it. But somehow some form of honorable resistance is called for. I’ve started small with money to those in the fight, at least as a possible start.