Thursday, June 15, 2017

Block Island is beautiful even when it's cold and rainy!

wild sweet pea on Block Island

We’ve been going to Block Island for many years and have generally had good weather. It looked like this year our luck was running out. The first three days were cold and rainy, but the island is so beautiful and we love it so much that we convinced ourselves it didn’t matter, and we would have a good time despite the rain. Then the fourth day a ray of sunshine appeared; the next three days were sunny and gradually warmer, getting up to 72 on our last day.

But even if the sun had not returned, I think we would have enjoyed ourselves. The house we rented had amazing ocean views, better than any of the houses we had rented in previous years. I really, really need to spend some time by the ocean each year. The view from our back deck

We’ve settled on Block Island in June. It’s less expensive, less crowded and the rugosa roses and wild sweet peas are in bloom. My husband sometimes talks about going back to Block Island in September when the water is warm enough to swim in the ocean, but I don’t want to give up those rugosa roses!


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