Monday, February 13, 2023

Seth Anderson Overman for the 8th councilmanic district!

On February 11, I attended the campaign launch for Seth Anderson Overman, candidate for the 8th councilmanic district. I've been to many such events over the years and they always provide some insight into the candidate's prospects. Seth's launch was probably the best attended, most enthusiastic campaign launch I’ve attended in recent years. It had more the feel of a social movement than that of a traditional campaign-- appropriate given Seth's background as a civil rights activist as well as a union organizer.

Among the most powerful of the testimonials was Chris Rabb's tribute to his good friend, whom he described as a good person as well as a gifted organizer with the intellect, the values and political skills which will enable him to make a real difference in the lives of citizens in the 8th district. Also among the most memorable speeches was Seth's wife's soft spoken, gracious tribute to her husband.

The event got a little raucous at times with one speaker acting a bit like a stand-up comedian, but when Seth spoke with dignity and conviction, the audience quieted down; everyone seemed to realize that this was serious business, an opportunity to make real change. Seth spoke about his values and positions on issues. See Seth on the issues:

When I watched everyone walk out, they all looked very happy. Finally a candidate they could support with enthusiasm,a candidate they really believed could make a difference in the lives of people in the district and the city. I saw a few people who live outside the district. They know political representation is not just geographic; it's also ideological. Seth will initiate/ support initiatives that will help working people city-wide and will advance the local progressive movement.

When later in the day the euphoria of the launch wore off, I faced the reality that his would be a struggle--a winnable fight--but a real struggle nonetheless. Seth started his campaign late and has a lot of ground to make up. However, he's been quite successful at fund-raising despite the relatively late start. Defeating a long-term incumbent takes money and let's hope Seth's supporters will do as much as they can to fully fund his campaign. You can contribute to his campaign at Seth for the People


  1. Seth Anderson Overman is a dedicated advocate for progress and community empowerment in the 8th councilmanic district. His commitment to fostering positive change, coupled with a clear vision for a vibrant and inclusive future, sets him apart. Overman's proven track record of collaboration and service reflects a genuine passion for improving the lives of residents. With a fresh perspective and unwavering dedication, he is the ideal candidate to lead our district toward prosperity. Vote Seth Anderson Overman for a brighter, more connected community!

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