Thursday, November 15, 2012

I have never been so far behind in fall clean-up as I have been this year.

My garden desperately in need of fall clean-up!

During my working years when my garden was a mess, I was convinced that when I retired things would be very different. How wrong I was.

I have never been so far behind in fall clean-up as I have been this year. Sure, I can blame it on the election. I was immobilized by anxiety the entire Fall (especially after the Denver debate).

But getting older and taking a little bit longer to do everything is certainly part of the explanation. My husband managed to keep election anxiety at bay but has seemed much less interested in garden work then he used to be. I haven’t raked a single leaf and he hasn’t been much better.

And there are all these leaves which still have to come down!

I still have a lot of bulbs to plant and it’s clear that divisions of perennials I had intended to do this Fall will not get done. There’s no choice about the bulbs; they have to go into the ground and they will even if it means I’m out there some cold rainy night in December desperately trying to get the bulbs in before the ground freezes.

Just hope we don’t have an early snow fall!


  1. I don't think I've ever known you to judge yourself to be on schedule in the garden, Karen, but every year it looks wonderful nonetheless. The leaves are doubtless all over the place, but what a remarkable fall it's been. We're edging toward late November and everywhere we look are vivid colors still hanging on. If we do have an early snowfall we'll at least have banked the memories of a glorious extended autumn.

  2. Karen, your garden is beautiful, However I think it is time to get some help.My opinion,as some of get older, our energy level decrease. Also being that you are active in other personal interest getting someone to help with some of the upkeep maybe an option.

    My aunts who live in Florida both have beautiful gardens. They work on it daily, however they are not involve in any other activites.


  3. Reni, you’re right I should focus on the positive--
    a glorious extended autumn.

  4. Franchesca, I am going to take your advice--it is time to get some help!

  5. I heartily second Franchesca's recommendation, Karen. It wouldn't be hard to find persons (through MyWay, for instance) who'd readily complete the taxing tasks, and you could save the fun ones, or the meditative ones, for yourself. And plan for the spring with your free time!