Monday, December 24, 2012

A gardening challenge I finally met this year

For years I’ve tried to have flowers blooming without interruption all year long—a real challenge in Philadelphia. This means perennials, flowering shrubs and bulbs. A clump of winter pansies doesn’t count—that’s too easy.

Well this year I finally achieved my goal. I had a few roses blooming in late December which overlapped with my snowdrops emerging the third week in December. The roses are gone today, but the snow drops will persist through January.

In the past we always had a hard frost sometime in late November /early December and the snow drops usually did not come up until early January so I did not have that period of overlap.

Maybe I should not be celebrating as this is probably connected to the scary prospect of climate change, but in 2012 I finally managed to have continuous bloom throughout the year. And soon I’ll have winter honeysuckle!!


  1. The jaw-droppingly beautiful fall that went on for months, the still-balmy weather, the absence so far of snow storms, and yes, your blooms, are all probably of a piece with the disastrous bigger iterations of our climate crisis. disquieting as these all are, they're also selfishly welcome. I'm trying to tell myself that if I keep working to reduce my footprint and support efforts to lobby for emission controls and other climate interventions, I can enjoy the blossoms and the breezes with relatively little guilt. That's my story, anyway! Enjoy your winter garden, seasonal or not, and dream of spring plantings.

  2. I too had a few roses bloom, I was actually startled by their appearance, beautiful as there are it is alarming.


  3. I'm afraid I'm not doing what I should to reduce my carbon footprint, but am enjoying the last blooms nonetheless.