Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Last Iris

Well I will have to wait another year to see my Iris and my peonies again. My irises were finished last week and my last peony bit the dust yesterday.

I am madly in love with bearded irises and always feel very sad when the last Bearded iris fades away (I usually have some Siberian iris for another week, but it’s not the same.)

Beard Iris have that indescribable fragrance that I cannot get enough of. True, there are re-bloomers that sometimes come back in the Fall but that’s not when I want that intoxicating Iris fragrance.

My first bearded iris appeared in the first week of May and the last one to bloom, Beverly Sills, departed my garden on June 3. This has got to be one if the most beautiful irises of all time-–a pale peach color with a fragrance to die for. I’ve often wondered if the real Beverly Sills appreciated the magnificent iris named for her.

How many more years will I see Beverly return? I try to banish those stupid, morbid thoughts. For me, one of the challenges of the retirement years is to stop thinking like this. Such thoughts sure don’t buy us any more time.

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