Monday, June 1, 2009

Next year I will have time to smell the lilacs

The busiest time of the year for gardeners is the busiest time for a teacher. My semester ends the beginning of May, so I have had little time for gardening in April.

Usually by the time I have gotten through final exams, collapsed from absolute and total exhaustion for a few days, it’s mid-May. The weeds are already out of control and it’s too late for all those hostas I wanted to divide, all those perennials I wanted to move around.

This happens again in the Fall as I desperately try to divide perennials, cruise the garden centers for fall planting bargains, plant bulbs, at the same time as I have all these classes to teach—-not to mention my volunteer projects.

It became clear that some thing had to go: my job, my garden, my volunteer work. Since I get most satisfaction from the garden and the volunteer projects (more about that later), it was clear that the job had to go. Too bad the pay check has to go as well, but at this stage in my life time is so much more valuable than money.

Well, back to weeding. It sure beats grading papers.

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