Sunday, June 14, 2009

My husband and I celebrated his 68th(!!!) birthday in NYC last week

My husband and I celebrated his 68th birthday in NYC last week and saw the magical new production of Joe Turner’s Come and Gone. Luckily we got our tickets before the Obamas went and had great seats. My husband thought the first act was too diffuse and needed editing. Maybe so, but I loved every minute of it.

My husband and I are both kind of shell-shocked by these numbers: 68 for him and 65 for me in September.

This appears to be a common reaction. I have never heard anyone say: “Well, I’m 65 but I feel like 85; the time has passed so slowly.” It's much more likely to be: “Well, I’m 65 but I feel like 35; the time has passed so quickly.”

How to slow down the time? I’ve noticed when we have spent 3 weeks on a vacation to a foreign country it often seems like much more than 3 weeks. When I am at home during the summer, doing nothing in particular, 2 weeks can disappear in a flash. I think there’s a lesson here.

Of course we can’t afford to be traveling around the globe most of our time! But we are thinking of ways to stretch our resources to get to NYC more often.

My husband loves New York and if we could afford it, he would want to retire to the isle of Manhattan. I always feel more alive when I’m in NYC, but I wouldn't want to live there--too frenetic for me. My beloved Philly is just about my speed.

But good as Philly theater is, it’s not Broadway . We usually go to NYC about 4 times a year and need to figure out ways to do it more often (and thus more economically). Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


  1. What is this to me,
    Whose head is full of indices and surds?
    x-squared plus seven x plus fifty-three
    Equals eleven thirds.
    -- C. L. Dodgson

  2. I actually like Rick's comment, even though I don't know what a surd is. Meanwhile, re: visiting nyc more cheaply, a friend just told me about "" - you can bid any amount for a flight or a hotel. sorry my blog entry is not more substantive, but it's someting I can offer :-)